Project, Programme, and Portfolio Health Checks and QA.       


  • Confirm Outcomes and Goals, Value to be delivered, clarity of purpose, Future State Blueprint description, adequate quality of benefits

  • Review Business Case and assist with estimates of Effort, Resource (business and project)

  • Better Business Case Development and Review

  • Sense check on size, volume of change

  • Benefits Management Approach, Benefit Profiles

Governance and Control:

  • Co-design governance structure – Steering Committee, Sponsors, Business Owners, PMO and Project staff

  • Create Terms of Reference, process, and tools/templates for each of the above

  • Provide Roles and Responsibilities descriptions

  • Train business staff on Governance, Roles, Responsibilities

  • Sponsorship Training

  • Project Initiation Documentation (PIDs)

Change Management Approach:

  • Change Management and Change Leadership planning

  • Change Readiness Assessment – Leadership, Staff, Organisational

  • Change Leadership Training

  • Change Management and Communications Plans

  • Stakeholder Management Plans

Design and Delivery:

  • Business Enterprise Architecture, Business Analysis, Requirements and Design

  • Project and Programme Planning

  • IT and Technology Delivery Integration

  • Resource Planning

  • Financial Control

  • Risk Management

  • Dependencies, Assumptions, Issue Management

  • Project Assurance


  • Benefits Tracking

  • Dashboards and Customised Reporting for Project Performance

  • Project, Programme, and Portfolio Health Check and Quality Assurance

  • Quality Management


  • Business Acceptance Criteria

  • Operational Risk Acceptance and Control

  • Post Implementation Review