PPC’s Directors have successfully delivered over $1 Billion in business change programmes, have broad and deep industry and international experience, and know how to get projects done.

We understand the drivers for change, the investment it represents, the impacts on your customers, staff, processes, and systems, and the importance of achieving the value and outcomes intended.

We believe the biggest cost of Change is not the resource applied - the money, people, consultants, buildings, technology, training and more. It is the lost opportunity created by mis-aligned Project and Programme Management, and by the need for better integration of Change activity into and across the organisation.

Why PPC?

Organisations want to deliver change that is cost effective, with real and measurable benefits; minimising disruption and maximising positive impact on customers and staff, creating maximum benefits to Stakeholders, with as short a cycle time as possible.

We know how to make sense of this, and how to build momentum while gaining clarity. PPC are particularly competent at ensuring all change is aligned to strategic intent, to the Values of an organisation, and to clear outcomes. We have developed our own methodologies and have shown that where we apply them, the results are measureably better.