Changing industry conditions and basic human nature limit organisational attention spans to six to 12 months - Change must therefore deliver benefits quickly, regularly transitioning recognisable benefits-driven phases into the business, or direction and pace are lost. In traditional projects and change, Staff and Customers can become disillusioned, benefits lose relevance to the evolving macro-environment, and value is destroyed rather than built. We help organisations mobilise to deliver change in a value-building positive cycle, utilising the most appropriate approaches, with a unifying focus on the outcomes and value delivered.

Best Practice     

Best Practice is a widely and over-used term. Much of what we have developed is by taking 'best practice' and making it better. We are not and will not be followers. Through the combined experience and knowledge of our team we will continue to develop and lead in this space.

Outcomes Focussed      

  • Our Focus is on Outcomes:

  • High Performance, low risk projects, programmes, and change

  • Enhanced organisational engagement, seamless transition of project to business

  • Value creating, and Values focussed

  • Benefits driven, people-sensitive customer outcomes at the core

Through these Disciplines:

  • Project, Programme, and Portfolio Management, and Assurance

  • Short-Cycle Project delivery

  • Lean cost-effective teams

  • Business-led Change and delivery

  • Change Management and Change Leadership planning, training, and delivery

Knowledge Transfer and Organisational Capability Uplift            

We believe that the more we can build capability in our customer organisations, the better the result will be. We have a range of training, tools, and templates that can be customised to provide enhanced capability in-house in the following activities:

  • Sponsorship and Change Leadership

  • Project Management

  • Analysis and Design

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Change Management