Project, Programme, and Portfolio Health Checks and iQA.       

Our Health Checks and Independent Quality Assurance approach are based on real experience and accountability for inception, governance, delivery, and review of hundreds of projects and programmes, in many organisations, in multiple countries and sectors.

We know what to look for and what questions to ask, to ensure you are firstly going to succeed, and secondly not get any nasty surprises along the way.

Our approach is comprehensive but a sample of items includes reviewing:

  • Initiation

  • Clarity of Purpose, Business Case, Benefits Plan

  • Governance and Control

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Change Leadership and Change Management

  • Programme Culture and Fit

  • Design and Delivery

  • Agile Management and Integration of Epics and Outcomes

  • Risk Management

  • Architecture Approach

  • Resource Planning

  • Scheduling and Dependencies

  • Financial Control

  • Reporting and Status Clarity

  • Quality Management

  • Release Management

  • Testing Approach and Plan

  • Business Acceptance Criteria

  • Transition Plans

  • Operational Risk Acceptance and Control